Website – B Engaged

Website – B EngagedDescriptionB Engaged are an International Commercial and Sports Marketing Agency. B Engaged have spent years developing a database of influencers across various industries and are able to source, broker and execute sports sponsorship campaigns across the globe to provide brands and sporting talent maximum ROI. The website for B Engaged is mostly used a promotional tool for … Read More

Website – Blyth Group

Website – Blyth GroupDescriptionBlyth Group are a specialist building contractor based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. Their aim is to provide bespoke and innovative building solutions and comprehensive customer support. With decades of successful partnering experience Blyth Group work alongside a range of customers such as local authorities, social housing providers, councils, insurers and private homeowners. The website created … Read More

Blyth Connect

Blyth ConnectDescriptionBlyth Connect is a Customer Relationship Management System that has been created to allow Blyth Group to record details on their clients and projects that are associated with those clients. The system has been designed to retrieve data from a sage data source and import this data in order to update the management system database. Clients and Projects and … Read More

Website – Proactive Personnel

Website – Proactive PersonnelDescriptionProactive Personnel’s website has more than your conventional website for displaying the business and promoting their brand. The website acts as a portal for jobseekers to search Proactive’s database of available jobs, as a visitor to the website you are able to search for any available jobs using basic search criteria such as keywords and location or … Read More

Invoicing System – proactive personnel

Invoicing SystemDescriptionThe invoicing system was created to work in conjunction with the Recruitment Manager in order to process and monitor (incoming and) outgoing payroll and invoices. Most information stored on the system are updated by the recruitment manager remotely, using the same information stored on that system. Including invoice generation for candidates and clients the invoicing system also helps to … Read More

Recruitment Manager – proactive personnel

Recruitment ManagerDescriptionThe recruitment manager system is used to store, monitor and record personal details and contracts of individuals who are currently working under Proactive, those looking for employment via Proactive, clients who employ with Proactive and the jobs the client’s currently have available. The system holds all information regarding the candidate which is required from them as a recruitment agency … Read More

QFS Manager

QFS ManagerDescriptionThe QFS Manager is a customer relationship management system used to record customer details and product information. The system will allow users to store information on any products that the customer may have, such as mortgages and insurance policies. The system is password protected to ensure that there is no unauthorised access and all data is encrypted when being … Read More