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A Management System for the whole team.

The Round Corp HR system manages all your important staff information and scheduling so that you can focus on the bit that you do best, growing your amazing business.
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The All In One HR System

Secure, encrypted storage of sensitive information
Self-service interfaces for employees
Automatic alerts and reminders for training or appraisals
Available with Mobile or Web Apps
Our Features
HR Manager is a tried and tested system we have been offering for nearly 10 years. Take complete control of your business with a wide range of useful features.
Employee Management
Get control of your employees' details and schedule.

Health & Wellbeing

Manage staff medical details and emergency contacts.
Absence Management
Manage your staffs' absences and holidays in one place.
Contract Details
Store and keep track of important employee contracts.
Calendar Scheduling
View and plan your company's schedule for the weeks ahead.
Detailed Reports
Generate detailed reports of the data stored in the system.
Clock In/Out
Monitor clocking in and out times from your staff.
Manage the timesheets of staff and their working schedule.
Document Manager
Upload, store and download all the important documents needed.
Digitise Documents
Digitise written documents to complete in the system.
Bank Details Recorder
Securely store and manage important banking information.
Payroll Summary
Contain your employees' salary details safely.
PAYE Integration
Fully integrated with PAYE to keep your work simple and effective.
Detailed Dashboard
All important details readily available on the dashboard.
Employee Timeline
Have a full view of the timeline of your employees' profile.
Personal Details Storage
Store and review your employees' personal information.
Address Manager
Store and manage address details of your staff.
Contact Info Storage
Keep important contact information of your workforce.
You will benefit from Round HR if you:
  • Use paper or spreadsheets to manage employees' holidays and sick leave.
  • Print out physical forms for managers to sign and take them to HR personally.
  • Constantly update complicated spreadsheets to manage employees' work projects.
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Secure, encrypted storage
protecting your information

Since the new data protection standard GDPR was introduced in 2018, managing employees’ personal information has become a minefield. Using our HR Managing System can simplify all of that allowing you to focus on the business.
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Not just a standard system
We will personalise the look of the system to your personal brand colours so that it truly becomes your system for your business. Or if you prefer a specific theme, we can incorporate that. You're in control.
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Absolutely. We ensure all data is encrypted and stored safely within the system, safeguarding it from any threats meaning you have no reason to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands.

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