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A System to organise and review your process.
The Round Corp Funeral Directors CRM system organises and stores all your clients important information and data, keeps track of projects and alerts you to any changes or updates. Providing you with more time to focus on what's really important, your business.
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The Dynamic Funeral Directors CRM System
Secure, encrypted storage of sensitive information
Filter details by date, name and status.
View a list of alerts noted by the system
Available with Mobile or Web Apps
Our Features
Take a look below at the features we have available for our dedicated funeral director CRM.
Booking In/Out
Book the funerals in the system to record their progress.
Status Alerts
Get alerted to any changes in the process or status updates.
Transfer details from one funeral director to another.
Track the status of a cadaver and keep up to date on on its progress.
Detailed Reports
Generate detailed reports of the data stored in the system.
Dedicated Dashboard
View important details at a glance with dedicated dashboards.
Director Information
View and manage your funeral directors important information.
Archived Data
Once funerals are complete, archive data so it is stored safely.
Colour Coding
Funeral directors and status' are colour coded.
Mobile Integration
Guiding you through the entire process
Use our Round Funeral Directors CRM to manage the entire funeral process. This system keeps track of everything, every step of the way. Bringing in a new solutions to your business' every day workflow is a big step but well worth it, when all the data and funerals you are managing are in one place it really takes a load of and allows you to focus on the business iteslf.
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Secure, encrypted storage
protecting your information

All data is protected and is GDPR compliant, managing personal directors personal information is our top priority with each system we build. With our CRM you have nothing to worry about and can simply focus on your business.
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Absolutely. The system generates reports of the data for you, simply enter in the filter which dates you would like and the details of the report will be listed below.

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