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RS Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation

Round Software has just achieved the ISO 9001 accreditation through ACS Registrars audit. We met their requirements and are excited to share this news with our long-term and first-time customers. Here’s what you need to know about this quality management system and what it means for you as a customer.

What is ISO 9001 Certification?

The ISO 9001:2015 certification is a quality management system that analyzes how a business manages its services and the quality of customer support they provide. To receive this certification, companies must:

  • Continually Improve
  • Frequent Reassessment
  • Maintain Privately Held Quality Assurance Standards

Unlike other ISO standards, this certification focuses on helping standardize quality management for all types of enterprises from service providers to larger organizations. It ensures that the quality of service you receive is second to none.

How We Achieved Certification

To meet the requirements to achieve the ISO 9001 guidelines and implement them for at least six months in our business.

Our process was simple, we knew we had to prove we had a strong customer focus, that our top management was motivated to implement these new standards and be dedicated to continual improvement of our quality management system. We gave serious thought to the efficiency and quality of our process with our customers at the forefront of our minds.

We were then audited at which time it was determined we met the standards for the certification and we were awarded it.

How it Benefits Round Software and Our Clients

Ultimately, the ISO 9001 certification assists organizations and businesses like ours be more efficient and improve our customer satisfaction. One of the greatest benefits of being awarded this certification is the fact it is recognized internationally. That means our clients in Australia, the UK, and Europe can rest assured that we provide the greatest customer support and adhere to the highest quality management standards.

Additionally, having this certification also improves our business overall. We now have established guidelines to help us with troubleshooting, training, and innovation. It also aids us with the quality of our materials and our supplier relationships.

All of this, of course, benefits our customers and the quality of our work. They can count on us for a reliable, consistent, dedicated and efficient outcome when they choose us. Thus, their satisfaction is improved, and the result is a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

We look forward to providing the consistently reliable customer service that our clients have come to expect from us thanks to our newly implemented quality management system.