Retail Spaces

Bring the technologies that people love in internet shopping into a direct retail experience by allowing customers to 'try on' items virtually, and purchase or order customised products from kiosk or totem style touch screens.

Our futuristic Point of Sale (PoS) range can create interactive window and shop-floor displays that promote new or seasonal product ranges with stunning clarity and brightness – or simply help customers to navigate easily around the store.

Retail needs that ‘wow’ factor: interactive screens help deliver this by allowing customers to:

  • View interactive displays advertising seasonal ranges or launching new products
  • Inspect and compare products without having to ask staff for help
  • View branded product information and handy digital signage
  • Order bespoke and off-the-shelf products
  • ‘Try on’ items virtually using augmented reality
  • Pay for products in-store or outside using card, cash or contactless payment
  • View advertisements customised to their gender and estimated age

Retail is an ideal environment for interactive screens. Contact our expert team and get the guidance you need to choose the right solution, or learn more about the clients we have worked with in the past.

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