Product & Promotional Events

Install state-of-the-art multimedia displays in store, or at industry events, to promote new and classic products in exciting ways.

Choose options with integrated interactive Point of Sale (PoS) technology to capture invaluable data about your customers: track their buying style – do they research ahead or are they impulse buyers? Perhaps integrate webcams to record information such as customer gender and estimated age.

Product promotion needs to be big, bold and memorable. Interactive screens achieve this by enabling customers to:

  • View dynamic displays in-store, at exhibitions and other commercial events
  • Explore products up-close and from every angle without staff assistance
  • ‘Try on’ items virtually, or place them in their intended environment using augmented reality
  • View advertisements for products and ranges, customised to their gender/estimated age
  • Easily order bespoke and off-the-shelf products
  • Pay for products in-store or outside using card, cash or contactless payment

Interactive screens are made for product promotion. Contact our expert team and get the guidance you need to choose the right solution, or learn more about the clients we have worked with in the past.

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