HR Manager

How do you manage employees’ holidays and sick leave? Is it about printing out physical forms for managers to sign and the take to HR? And how do you reassign their work to other employees? Is it via complicated spreadsheets that have to be constantly reworked as circumstances change? Since the new data protection standard GDPR was introduced in 2018, managing employees’ personal information has become a minefield.

With one of our HR systems, such headaches are a thing of the past: as well as the encryption which keeps sensitive data secure and GDPR compliant, workflows can be automatically reallocated and employees can be given the facility to arrange some aspects of working life themselves - such as requesting leave and booking training courses.

You can store employee records, monitor individual or team performance against goals and KPIs and even manage recruitment and track applicants.

  • Secure, encrypted storage of sensitive information
  • Self-service interfaces for employees
  • Automatic alerts and reminders for training or appraisals
  • Available with Mobile or Web Apps

HR Manager is a tried and tested system we have been offering for nearly 10 years. Contact our team to find out more about how it could help your business, or learn how we have helped other clients in the past.

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