Design Centres

They say two heads are better than one, but imagine up to 32 people, collaborating simultaneously on a technical design project or problem-solving exercise. So many corporate environments span the globe – and now people in different countries and time zones can work together in a completely new way.

You can make your design processes more engaging: pair your interactive screen with the latest design software to create diagrams and 3D visualisations. Then, simply upload or share your completed designs with colleagues or other designers using the in-built Wi-Fi capability.

An interactive screen makes the ideal centre piece for a design studio. You can even link multiple screens together to create a stunning video wall to communicate new concepts to colleagues and clients.

Interactive screens respond perfectly to the demands of technical design enabling creative teams to:

  • Generate fully-immersive 3D concepts and environments big enough to ‘walk through’
  • Collaborate on design projects with up to 32 specialists from different disciplines
  • Develop intricate 3D designs using natural, intuitive hand gestures
  • Combine detailed designs with text, audio, graphic and visual content
  • Create simple, yet stunning, resources for communicating concepts to clients
  • Test concepts comprehensively before starting production
  • Compare related products, or components, side-by-side in a range of virtual environments

Interactive screens are a brilliant aid for technical design. Contact our expert team and get the guidance you need to choose the right solution, or learn more about the clients we’ve worked with in the past.

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