Cloud Application Protection

This is a technique to build an extra layer or protection – a buffer – between your systems and the people using your Apps.

Called a ‘Web Application Firewall’ it is a ‘safety belt’ to guard against malicious activity such as people trying to plant malware when they interact with your website - for instance, when completing a contact form.

Without this protection, things like passwords and address details can be particularly vulnerable – as well as orders themselves. People can find goods they have paid for have been diverted to a different address – and the order went up to 100 of a particular item instead of the 1 your real ‘customer’ intended…

Help reduce your level of risk around this kind of malware:

  • Build additional layers of encryption into your system
  • Set alerts to trigger suspicious activity
  • Have the security of knowing your system is as safe as it can be

Cloud App Protection is one of the items in our cyber security toolkit.  Contact our team and find out more about how it could help you.

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