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RS Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

We are excited to share the news with all of our readers and clients that Round Software has recently achieved Cyber Essentials Certification through the NCSC and CREST. Here’s what you need to know about our achievement and what it means for us and you.

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How Technology Affects Our Sleep

According to research from the National Sleep Foundation, at least 95% of adults will use some form of technology within the hour before going to bed. So, there’s no surprise that the link between technology use before bed and the amount of and quality of sleep we’re getting today is severely reduced. But how does technology really affect our sleep? …

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Advances in digital inclusion

Microsoft have become the first popular gaming company to release an all accessible adaptive controller allowing PC and Xbox games to be more inclusive. Gabi Michel, the senior Xbox hardware programme manager says ‘the traditional Xbox controller is not accessible to gamers with limited mobility’ leading to the company to completely scrap the idea of the two-hand held controller and …

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10 Extremely Useful Android Tips

1. Lock in phone borrowers How many times do you find yourself watching over people when you’re showing them something on your phone? Whether it be a child playing games or just showing a mate something, you’re reading likelihood is they will exit the app and begin snooping around your phone. Screen Pinning on android allows you to launch and …

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10 Incredibly Handy iPhone Tips

Do you really know everything about your iPhone? Probably not. Here are 10 tips even the most tech savvy users don’t know. 1. The Hidden Backspace Have you ever been idly tapping away on your phones built in calculator with the intention of adding 56 to your sum but in your clumsy haste end up dividing by 566 and the …

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AR and AI aids visually impaired

When you think of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Augmented Reality the first thought that springs to mind is a bunch of zombie-like tech heads wearing some chunky headset living their lives in a virtual Sims world while we’re slowly being taken over by robots that can learn. It is actually so much more than that, even helping the visually impaired.

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10 Exclusive Google Search Secrets

Google is the most popular search engine. You don’t need to be a genius to work that out. But sometimes actually getting the search results that you’re after can be a very difficult process. Especially when a single search can bring up millions and millions of results. Google knows that using a search engine can often be difficult so they …