How Wearable Tech Could Improve Your Life

wearable tech

How Wearable Tech Could Improve Your LifeIn 2016, over 325 million wearables were connected worldwide and over 245 million wearable devices are expected to be sold in 2019 alone. The production, sale and use of wearable devices are increasing rapidly and findings from The Pew Research Center found that by 2025, wearables will be the norm. But how can wearable … Read More

6 Practical Microsoft Office Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts 5.0

6 Practical Microsoft Office ShortcutsThere are a huge amount of keyboard shortcuts available on your PC and even more when it comes to the different software available. Here are some very practical keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office however most of these shortcuts are actually interchangeable and should work for most programmes including browser, Gmail, Outlook and Windows OS.SaveQuickly save your … Read More

4 Simple Outlook Shortcuts

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4 Simple Outlook ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts are an incredibly useful tool helping you to save time and energy which in turn increases productivity and efficiency. Along with Gmail, Outlook is a very popular email provider. The keyboard shortcuts implemented by Outlook are very similar to those in Gmail but don’t be fooled, make sure you check the infographic before trying it … Read More

Gmail Shortcuts You Have To Know

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Gmail Shortcuts You Have to KnowGmail is one of the most popular email providers used today. To make sending, receiving and sorting emails a more streamlined and efficient process Gmail recognises the importance of keyboard shortcuts and have implemented a selection of super useful keyboard shortcuts you just have to know.New EmailTo create a new email in Gmail simply press … Read More

Browser Keyboard Cheats

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Browser Keyboard CheatsUsers of Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome make up over 62% of worldwide browser usage with 7/10 people using one of the above as their main internet browser (Global Stats). Even within these browsers there are a huge amount of keyboard shortcuts available, so let us help make your internet surfing experience a smooth one with an … Read More

5 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

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5 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for WindowsMicrosoft Windows is currently the most popular desktop OS dominating over 75% of the worldwide market share. (Global Stats)  So, no surprise they too have a selection of absolutely essential keyboard shortcuts. To help you with the shortcuts available, over the next few weeks we will release illuminating infographics to help you discover and memorise the … Read More

5 Signs Your Business Needs Custom…

5 signs your business needs custom software

5 Signs Your Business Needs Custom SoftwareTrying to figure out what type of software your business needs can be an overwhelming experience, especially when there is so many software services available. Every business has a unique set of requirements when it comes to the software they need for their business to run smoothly, productively and efficiently. So, wouldn’t it be … Read More

How to Test Your Internet Speed

How to Test Your Internet Speed

How to Test Your Internet SpeedThe terms ‘internet speed’ and ‘broadband speed’ are interchangeable It is the speed of uploads and downloads and the measurement of how fast data can come and go through your modem. Broadband speed is generally measured in megabits per second or mbps. The higher number of megabits you can download per second, the faster the … Read More

How to Spot a Phishing Email

how to spot a phishing email

How to Spot a Phishing EmailPhishing is a type of cyber-crime. It is a method used in an attempt to gain private and financial data, phishing attempts are often presented via email, telephone or text messaging. It is one of the most common forms of cyber-attack, with 92.4% of malware is delivered via phishing emails usually in the forms of … Read More

10 Exclusive Google Search Tricks

10 exclusive google search tricks

10 Exclusive Google Search SecretsGoogle is the most popular search engine. You don’t need to be a genius to work that out. But sometimes actually getting the search results that you’re after can be a very difficult process. Especially when a single search can bring up millions and millions of results. Google knows that using a search engine can often … Read More