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Let’s work together – Stay homeLet’s work together – Stay home

Introducing Round Corp…

Introducing Round Corp… Introducing Round Corp…

The Human Microchip

The Human MicrochipThe practice of embedding humans with microchips may sound like a plot from the dystopian drama Black Mirror but the truth is we aren’t all that far away from this becoming the norm. A group of biohackers in Sweden have taken this technology onboard and have implanted themselves with microchips.Biohacking is the application of IT hacks to biological … Read More

How Technology Affects Our Sleep

How Technology Affects Our SleepAccording to research from the National Sleep Foundation, at least 95% of adults will use some form of technology within the hour before going to bed. So, there’s no surprise that the link between technology use before bed and the amount of and quality of sleep we’re getting today is severely reduced. But how does technology … Read More

16 Crucial Strategies to Protecting Your …

online data strategies

16 Crucial Strategies to Protecting Your Online DataProtecting your online data is important business, it’s useful to know the best techniques, practices and strategies you should put in place in order to keep that data safe.1. Use a Password Manager Password Managers should be considered an essential tool in protecting your online data. They are easy to use, fairly simple … Read More

Can Your Phone Do This?

live transcribe + sound amplifier app

Can Your Phone Do This?Approximately 466 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss, (WHO) Most of which will attempt to go about their daily lives without the use of any help or aid. Following the actions of research scientist Dimitri Kanevsky and his teammate Chet Gengy, Google has introduced a new goal; to help hundreds of millions of deaf people … Read More

How Wearable Tech Could Improve Your Life

wearable tech

How Wearable Tech Could Improve Your LifeIn 2016, over 325 million wearables were connected worldwide and over 245 million wearable devices are expected to be sold in 2019 alone. The production, sale and use of wearable devices are increasing rapidly and findings from The Pew Research Center found that by 2025, wearables will be the norm. But how can wearable … Read More

Can I Avoid Being Tracked?

web tracking

Can I Avoid Being Tracked?Web tracking is an activity carried out by pretty much every website you have ever visited. It is used as a means of collecting information about visitors to their site and the interactions carried out on the site. A study conducted by the owners of the browser security extension Ghostery found that 79% of websites contain … Read More

6 Reasons You Should Be Using…

email accounts

6 Reasons You Should Be Using Multiple Email AccountsHaving multiple email accounts can sound like a big task to maintain however, you’ll be surprised as to how useful having more than one email account can be. Having more than one email address can be useful for a number of reasons but here are the top 6 to convince you that … Read More

Fool Proof Password Management

man who is stressed because he has forgotten passwords

Fool Proof Password ManagementPassword manager applications are extremely underused but they can actually be the most useful tool that you could possibly own. As recent research has shown, the typical internet user has up to 25 online accounts, meaning the number of passwords users are needing to remember is ever continuing to increase.The official definition of a password manager as … Read More