Site Visit Management


Case Study Site Visit Management

Site Visit Data Management System for Land Referencing Services LLP

Types of software

  • Mobile app
  • Web application

The customer

Land Referencing Services are based in our home town of Telford, Shropshire, and are the largest dedicated land referencing specialists in the UK. They manage and deliver major transport, regeneration, housing, and infrastructure schemes throughout the UK, including Compulsory Purchase Order, Development Consent Order, and Hybrid Bill projects.

Existing problem: the company’s work requires a substantial number of site visits, and historically data from these had been recorded and analysed using Excel spreadsheets - “with a lot of headaches as a result”!

Seeking a much more reliable and user-friendly solution which would enable real-time data collection and analysis from multiple locations.

Land Referencing Services chose Round Software to undertake their custom software development, noting that we shared “the same vision in terms of development and business ideas” and were “very friendly, dedicated and approachable”.