Round Corp Ltd

About us

Round Corp has grown out of Round Software, a company formed by Joe Hormenoo in 2012.

Growing up, Joe thought he would become an artist, but he was always ‘into’ technology, and left school knowing IT would be his calling. He first studied it at college, learning the language of software and how to fix computers, later working in industry as a software developer.


While learning his craft, he became frustrated by some of the restrictions he found in traditional software solutions and set up his own business in order to develop more agile mobile and web apps which would improve the way different computer systems interacted: creating more ’rounded’ solutions.

Joe is still the strategic force of the business and his team includes experts in the specific fields of web, mobile and desktop apps, graphic design, display, IT testing and cyber security. While they all have different strengths and specialisms, they share Joe’s vision of seamless connectivity that supports business needs.

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