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6 Reasons You Should Be Using Multiple Email Accounts

Having multiple email accounts can sound like a big task to maintain however, you’ll be surprised as to how useful having more than one email account can be. Having more than one email address can be useful for a number of reasons but here are the top 6 to convince you that multiple email accounts are the way to go.

reasons you should have multiple email accounts

1. Easily Manage Spam

When you sign up to a new service, the chances are you are automatically registered to receive updates and newsletters when you do not necessarily want to receive these updates. The introduction of GDPR has eased the receiving spam emails but there’s no doubt you will not be able to remove them completely, having a separate email account used purely for registrations will stop your main email account containing important emails being clogged with spam.

2. Maintain Anonymity

Having multiple email accounts allows you to hide your real identity by using a fictitious email address and so therefore retaining your anonymity. In some cases, you want to remain anonymous when contributing to social networks, reviews and comments, by sharing very little personal information you can safely remain incognito.

3. Back Up Your Main Account

Don’t be put off by having more than one email account, even having two email accounts will be highly beneficial to you, as the other can be used as a back up account for if you ever need to recover a password for your main email address. Using a back up email allows you to manage unauthorized account access and retrieve password reset information for your main email account if it is ever required.

4. Public Sharing

In some cases, you may be sharing your email address publicly on a website, blog or social media site if so, the last thing you want is a bucket load of spam, marketing and communication emails being sent to your personal account.  Having an additional email account can allow you to set up a designated email address to be published publicly, avoiding a mix of personal and business emails in one inbox.

5. You Need to Share

Some families or groups often share email accounts or log-ons for services such as Netflix. Having a separate or additional email account for use by the group can be useful as it can then be accessed by all within that group and it is completely separate from your personal email.

6. For Security

The top reason overall you should especially be using multiple email accounts is to avoid and stay ahead of potential hackers. If a hacker got access to your email account (which is then linked to your bank accounts, your social media sites and various shopping outlets) then they can certainly cause a lot of damage. But if these accounts are spread over a multitude of emails – all protected by strong and unique passwords, a hacker would have less chance at grabbing that vital data.

As you can see, using multiple email accounts and email addresses cannot only help you to stay on top and organized of your webmail but also keep you protected against possible data threats.

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