6 Practical Microsoft Office Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts 5.0

6 Practical Microsoft Office Shortcuts

There are a huge amount of keyboard shortcuts available on your PC and even more when it comes to the different software available. Here are some very practical keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office however most of these shortcuts are actually interchangeable and should work for most programmes including browser, Gmail, Outlook and Windows OS.

Keyboard Shortcuts 5.0


Quickly save your work intermittently to avoid loss using the following keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + S this can be a life saver and doesn’t require an interruption of keyboard writing to initiate.


Duplicate is basically a quicker version of copy and paste but this is not always available, handy to keep in mind. Simply use Ctrl + D.


We all make mistakes, even so when we’re trying to perfect our work. Should you make a mistake in Microsoft Office using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z will undo the last action. Pressing multiple times will undo previous actions too.


You may use the undo button but inadvertently go too far and need to recover your undo. This can be done using the Ctrl + Y  keyboard shortcut and it will do redo your last action.


Copy is one of the most well known and most used keyboard shortcut for Office but all other computer programmes. Using the shortcut Ctrl + C will copy the selected item.


Secondary to copy, paste is also one of the most used and well-known keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl + V is the shortcut to use to paste any copied items.

Add Date

To add a date to your document quickly and easily use this vey handy keyboard shortcut, it saves you having to remember the date, especially if you need to enter it multiple times, Alt + Shift + D.

Feel free to save the browser infographic image and make sure to keep it handy to your PC or laptop to help you to enhance your Microsoft Office use.

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