4 Simple Outlook Shortcuts

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4 Simple Outlook Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are an incredibly useful tool helping you to save time and energy which in turn increases productivity and efficiency. Along with Gmail, Outlook is a very popular email provider. The keyboard shortcuts implemented by Outlook are very similar to those in Gmail but don’t be fooled, make sure you check the infographic before trying it in your Outlook email.


New Email

To create a new email in outlook hold Ctrl + N or Ctrl + Shift + M and a window for a new email will open, allowing you start a new draft.

Send Email

To send an email in outlook hold down Alt + S and your email will be sent to the desired location.

Mark as Unread

Often emails can be marked as unread to serve as a prompt for you to open them later. To mark and email as unread in Outlook use Ctrl + U.

Mark as Junk

In both Gmail and Outlook you can mark emails as spam/junk. To mark an email for junk in Outlook is use the keyboard shortcut Shift + F10 + J + Up then Enter .

Feel free to save the browser infographic image and make sure to keep it handy to your PC or laptop to help make your Outlook experience smoother. If you’re after keyboard shortcuts to help with using Office, then watch this space for more available infographics.

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