Gmail Shortcuts You Have To Know

keyboard shortcuts 3.0

Gmail Shortcuts You Have to Know

Gmail is one of the most popular email providers used today. To make sending, receiving and sorting emails a more streamlined and efficient process Gmail recognises the importance of keyboard shortcuts and have implemented a selection of super useful keyboard shortcuts you just have to know.

keyboard shortcuts 3.0

New Email

To create a new email in Gmail simply press the D key or the U key.

Send Email

Sending a complete email in Gmail is done by hitting Tab
followed by Enter .

Mark as Unread

Often emails can be marked as unread to serve as a prompt for you to open them later.
To mark an email as unread in Gmail hold Shift + U.

Mark as Spam

In Gmail you can mark emails as spam/junk. Mark as spam using the
shortcut Shift + 1.

Text Formatting

With Gmail it is possible to format the text within your emails using keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + B to make the text bold. Ctrl + I to italicise the text and Ctrl + U to add an underline.

Feel free to save the browser infographic image and make sure to keep it handy to your PC or laptop to help you utilise Gmail. If you’re after keyboard shortcuts to help with using Outlook, then watch this space for more available infographics

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