Browser Keyboard Cheats

keyboard shortcuts 2.0

Browser Keyboard Cheats

Users of Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome make up over 62% of worldwide browser usage with 7/10 people using one of the above as their main internet browser (Global Stats). Even within these browsers there are a huge amount of keyboard shortcuts available, so let us help make your internet surfing experience a smooth one with an edifying browser shortcut infographic.

keyboard shortcuts 2.0

1. Open a New Tab

To open a new tab in your browser window simply hold down Ctrl + T and a new tab will open allowing you to go to another site while keeping another open

2. Print

To quickly print the webpage you are currently on use the shortcut Ctrl +P. It saves the hassle of having to print via file and print which can be more long-winded.

3. Bookmark Page

Save the current webpage to your bookmarks by using the extremely handy shortcut of Ctrl + D.

4. Select the Address Bar

Select the address bar easily to type in a new google search or website. The keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl + L.

5. Refresh

Sometimes your browser may need reloading and the easiest way to do this without closing the window is to refresh. Refresh your web page using        Ctrl + R or simply press F5.

6. Reopen Last Closed Tab

If you are working with a lot of browser tabs its inevitable that you are going to mistakenly close a needed tab at some point. If you do this don’t worry just use Ctrl + Shift + T to re-open the tab.

Feel free to save the browser infographic image and make sure to keep it handy to your PC or laptop to make your browsing experience notably easier. If you’re after keyboard shortcuts to assist in Gmail utilisation, then watch this space for more available infographics.

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