5 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

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5 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Microsoft Windows is currently the most popular desktop OS dominating over 75% of the worldwide market share. (Global Stats)  So, no surprise they too have a selection of absolutely essential keyboard shortcuts. To help you with the shortcuts available, over the next few weeks we will release illuminating infographics to help you discover and memorise the most convenient, time saving and effective keyboard shortcuts.


1. Create a New Folder

To keep all your documents organised knowing how to use your keyboard to create a new folder will be an ultimate time saver. Simply hold down
Ctrl + Shift + N in an area where creating new folders is permitted such as the desktop or Windows Explorer and a brand-new nameable folder will appear.

2. Close Current Window

You’re browsing the web for a gift, when the person you’re buying for is making a beeline for you. Quickly close your window without arousing suspicion using only your keyboard Alt + F4 (or Alt+Fn+F4) will covertly close your current window. Just make sure that nothing needs saving first!

3. Open Task Manager

The most commonly known method for opening the task manager is to use Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select ‘Task Manager’ from the list. Little do they know there is a much easier away to make the Task Manager pop up on screen. Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

4. Minimise Window

Often when you’re working you have multiple windows and open switching between them can be frustrating. Use your keyboard shortcuts to minimise windows to access the window underneath or your desktop using the Windows Key + M. The Windows Key is usually placed between Ctrl + Alt and is made up of 4 small squares showing the image of a window.

5. Maximise Window

To help assist with the multiple window switching it is not very productive if you only know how to minimise windows. Add to your repertoire with the keyboard shortcut to maximise your windows. Windows Key + Up Arrow.

Feel free to save the infographic shown  and make sure to keep it handy to your PC or laptop to make using Windows that much easier.
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