5 Signs Your Business Needs Custom…

5 signs your business needs custom software

5 Signs Your Business Needs Custom Software

Trying to figure out what type of software your business needs can be an overwhelming experience, especially when there is so many software services available. Every business has a unique set of requirements when it comes to the software they need for their business to run smoothly, productively and efficiently.
So, wouldn’t it be great if you just knew if your business needed custom software.


1. You're wasting recources

There are so many manual tasks still being carried out such as stock and inventory, payroll and report generation which can all be replaced by automated systems such as retrieving data and data transfer. Implementing automated systems to streamline working processes is something which off the shelf software cannot guarantee however; custom software allows for conservation of resources by creating custom software systems specific to your business needs.
Ultimately resulting in better time management, reduced errors and improvements in efficiently and productivity.

2. Your department systems don't work together

For businesses that are required to use multiple off the shelf systems an inability to integrate these systems can be severely frustrating, as data is required to be duplicated on each platform. Each department of your business needs to work together to allow for a streamlined process. If your components don’t work together needless to say, this is not productive. Custom software solutions allow for systems to connect and share data with one another, interconnected software systems work together to fulfil your business goals.

3. Your current system gives you a headache

So, your off the shelf system isn't making the cut. Your employees hate to use it and you're finding yourself solving the same issues over and over again. You need a product that uses reliable software and a user-friendly interface, with custom software you can get just that. Part of your issue could be that you’re using completely the wrong platform! As the customer you are a part of the development process from start to finish, you can create your product to perfectly match your business vision.

4. You need better reporting and analytics

Off the shelf solutions offer the most basic reporting features which often require further manipulation in programs such as Microsoft Excel. Custom software can provide you with actionable data which requires minimal manual input. All aspects of reporting including the use of formulas and calculations are carried out for you and presented as a powerful and informative array of business metrics allowing you to focus on results and planning.

5. You're paying too much money

If you're not getting the most out of your off the shelf software which lacks in the features and functionalities you really require why are you continuing to pay the overpriced annual/monthly licensing fee? By investing in custom software, you are creating a system which will benefit you and maximise your business potential. You will own the final product which will fit better within your processes, you have the power to implement changes, updates and upgrades to make the most of your investment.


If all or some of these seem familiar to you and your business then don’t just simply acknowledge them as signs, take action! Custom software solutions can help to improve your business, get in touch today and let us show you the endless possibility.