What the Heck Is the Internet of Things & …

The Internet of Things

What the Heck Is the Internet of Things & Why Should You Care?

If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things, you likely aren’t in business. Today, businesses spend thousands of pounds using this technology to guarantee they’re tuned into the most important points of the online world. But, like everything online, security is a concern with the Internet of Things. Before we jump into those threats, let’s discuss exactly what the Internet of Things is.


What is it?

The Internet of Things isn’t a specific thing, as the name implies. It is a group of smart devices that connect to one another through the Internet. It extends far beyond the computers sitting in your business office.

In fact, the Internet of Things includes thermostats, smart phones, and pedometers that sync up with the Internet to share your statistics. Once they’re installed and set up, these devices will automatically send and receive information via the Internet constantly.

In its most basic terms, the Internet of Things is a system of machines and objects that have data-collecting capabilities. These devices communicate with one another seamlessly.

Why should we care?

This same technology can even be used to collect data on physical things.

For example, Smart Farming is now a real thing where farmers track data on humidity, soil quality, and air temperature—all elements that affect crops. This allows farmers to determine the most optimum time to plant crops, harvest, or water them.

On a more practical level, businesses can use the Internet of Things for their transport logistics (seamlessly integrating data to manage their inventory), tracking and management for assets, and for supply chain data tracking.

Even if you run a small business, the Internet of Things can have a dramatic affect on your business, and indeed it eventually will whether you want it to or not. And it’s a good change too since 94% of businesses who choose to use the Internet of Things see a return on their investment.

A word of caution: cyber security can become vulnerable with the IoT. Partnering with a company like Round Software can increase your security and reduce risks associated with this new technology. Reach out to us to learn more today!