Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Does your website need an app

Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?


Here’s How to Find Out

In 2017 there were over 178.1 billion mobile app downloads. Google Play has over 3.5 million apps alone. The App Store has over 2.2 million apps. With numbers like those, its easy to see why every business feels the pressure to have their own app. But does your business need one? Here’s how to tell if you do.

You Have a Website but Low Engagement

If you already have a website that is optimized for mobile search and use but aren’t getting the consistent engagement levels you’re shooting for, then a mobile app could help. A mobile app gets your business in the hands and inside the phone of your target customers. That type of connection is invaluable for business owners.

You Want to Encourage Commerce

A mobile app gives you an additional touch-point to grow your brand and increase commerce. Businesses, especially small businesses, can use any edge to beat out the competition. And an app might just give you the leverage needed to grow your customer base


You Know What Problems Your App Will Solve for Customers

While a business mobile app is a great tool to increase engagement and commerce, you can’t just create one and expect results. Your app has to solve a need. In fact, if your mobile app does not increase the functionality or convenience of your optimized website, then you might not need one. After all, without a powerful solution, your app won’t gain ground.

What you need is a powerful, solution-focused app. Brainstorm on the main points your audience has and then create a solution that homes in on that main point. Integrate it with your website to encourage engagement all the way around.

When you’re ready to build a mobile app for your business, we can help. Contact us today for more information about how to get started with your own business mobile app.