Is there anything an app can’t do?

Is ther eanything an app cant do

Is there anything an app can't do?

In today’s ever-growing tech savvy society there is literally an app for everything!

When the first iphone was released in June 2007 there was no such thing as an ‘app store’, the only services you had access to were the apps that had been developed by apple and came pre-set into the handset upon purchase.

app can do everything

Over 3.8 million apps are currently available from the Google Play Store and Apple’s app store combined

Almost a year later in March 2008 Apple finally made a deal with developers and allowed third-party apps to be created for iphone leading to the opening of the App Store providing 552 apps, 132 of which free of charge to download to your phone, however the availability of apps released to ‘life-hack’ back then was second to none back then with the most popular apps being games such as Phonesaber, Rolando and Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart.

In the past 10 years technology has advanced so much that we can now link our phones to our watches, our tv’s, even our homes! Since there is no longer such thing as a standard work day smartphones and apps such as turning the heating on and controlling your lighting have helped to make our lives so much easier. With the development of services such as ‘Ring’ you can be away from home yet still know who’s at the front door helping you to feel more secure, you can even have the ability to start your car just by tapping an app!

There are apps for if you want to order, track, pay, learn, earn and play. It’s just so simple to pay for things using Apple Pay and Android Pay without needing cash or card.

Developers (like us) are now beginning to create more and more apps that are becoming more useful in our daily lives and in some cases completely bespoke and designed specifically for something completely random yet entirely useful. Which leads me to pose the question, is there anything an app can’t do?

Here are some of my personal favourite mobile apps that help make my life easier;

app echo

Echo – £ free, NHS prescription app that allows you to order and pay for GP prescribed medication which the allocated pharmacy delivers via Royal Mail free of charge. It also sends you reminders of when to take the medication and notifies you how much you have left and when you need to reorder.

app companion

Companion – £ free, personal safety app that keeps you safe when travelling. You set up a trusted friend or family member as your ‘companion’ and let them know where you’re headed, if you start to feel unsafe companion alerts them and you can quickly call the police if needed. Companion also notifies your chosen companion once you have arrived safely at your destination.

Only available on iOS - Download Here

Only available on iOS - Download Here

app trip advisor

Trip Advisor – £ free, the ‘ultimate travel companion’, collection of traveller reviews, photos and maps. Trip Advisor also allows you to compare and book the cheapest air travel and hotels as well as showing you all of the best restaurants, and fun things to do wherever you are and wherever you’re going. It also allows you download maps and reviews onto your phone to avoid needing an internet connection while you travel.

app stylishly

Stylishly - £ free, virtual wardrobe and personal stylist, allows you to piece together your own outfits with items from your own wardrobe (allows you to upload your own photos) or use the stylishly shop to discover new items to incorporate into your wardrobe. As well as creating your own looks you can also get looks made for you by a personal stylist team or even invite friends to the app so you can create loos for each other.

Only available on iOS - Download Here

Only available on iOS - Download Here

Other useful apps that we recommend;

app forest

Forest – study app, blocks out distractions and plants real trees

app 1password

1Password - one password for all passwords

app run pee

Run Pee – movie timing app, helps you know when 'to go'

app fudget

Fudget – Budgeting and finance tracker